HVS-5000 Series

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The HVS-5000 HANABI series, FOR-A's flagship 3Gbps Digital Video production switcher
Available in 2M/E to 4M/E configurations. 
Today’s customers expect increases value and high performance from their production switcher purchases. Not just in the systems flexibility or its ability to handle the changing production requirements in today’s competitive market, but in the initial investment costs as well. The HVS-5000 series achieves this and more. The HVS-5000 series is not “just” an SD or HD switcher. It’s a powerful 3G digital video production switcher system that  combines the best of both. And yet, provides you with the flexibility required to meet the increased demands of your production workflow, while being the heart of your facilities system.
With HVS-5000 series you own more than “SD today, HD Tomorrow” production system. 
You own a FOR-A HVS-5000 series that redefines the meaning of “Future-Proof”!
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