Master Sync / Master Clock Reference Generator SPG8000 Datasheet

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Features & Benefits

  • Multiple independent black burst and HD tri-level sync outputs provide all the video reference signals required in a video broadcast or production facility 
  • Four LTC outputs, VITC on black burst outputs, and NTP server provide time reference signals in a variety of formats
  • GPS-based synchronization gives an accurate time-of-day reference and deterministic video phase reference, and locks remote SPG8000 systems to each other
  • Stay GenLock® and GPS Holdover Recovery prevent synchronization shock when the external reference input or GPS signal is temporarily lost 
  • Wide selection of video test patterns in serial digital formats (SD, HD and 3G-SDI) and composite analog formats (NTSC and  AL)
  • Dual hot-swappable power supplies ensure continuous availability of reference signals
  • Easy to manage with web-based interface for remote configuration and SNMP for status and alert information



  • Sync pulse generator and time reference generator for broadcast, studio, mobile, and post-production facilities
  • Master or slave (genlock) operation for distributed system architectures
  • Video equipment verification, facility link testing, and display calibration


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