Waveform Monitor WVR7200

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Features & Benefits
  • Multiformat, Multistandard Video Monitoring

- WVR7200 includes standard auto-detection of HD/SD-SDI and multiple Dual Link video formats

- Composite analog (PAL/NTSC) video support (Opt. CPS)

- Simultaneous monitoring (Opt. SIM) allows monitoring of 2 HD/SD-SDI inputs or 1 HD/SD-SDI input and 1 CPS input. Option 3G is required for 3G-SDI format support

- Multiple Input Mode allows monitoring of 2 to 4 SDI inputs simultaneously (4-input mode requires Opt. 2SDI)

- Upgradeable to 3G-SDI (Level A and Level B) format support (Opt. 3G)
  • Comprehensive Audio Monitoring (Opt. AD or DPE)
- Up to 16-channel audio monitoring for embedded audio
- Multichannel Surround Sound*1
- Audio Loudness monitoring to ITU-R BS.1770-2 (Opt. AD or DPE)
- Support for analog, digital, and embedded audio (Opt. AD)
- Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E (Opt. DPE)
- Comprehensive Dolby metadata decode and display (Opt. DPE)
- Dolby E Guard Band meter with user-defined limits (Opt. DPE)
  • Unmatched Display Versatility
- FlexVu™, the most flexible four-tile display, suited for various application needs to increase productivity
- Tektronix-patented Diamond and Arrowhead displays for gamut monitoring
- Tektronix-patented Timing and Lightning displays
- New Tektronix-patented Spearhead display and Luma Qualified Vector (LQV™) display facilitate precise color adjustment for post-production applications (Opt. PROD)
  • Stereoscopic 3D Video Displays for Camera Alignment and Production/Post-production Applications (Opt. S3D)
  • ​Black Picture and Tektronix-patented Frozen Picture Detection
  • Advanced ANC Data Monitoring

- ​Simultaneous CEA708/608 Closed Caption monitoring; Teletext and OP47 subtitle monitoring

- Detect and decode ANC data including AFD, WSS, Video Index, TSID, V-Chip, Broadcast Flag/CGMS-A, VITC, LTC, and ANC TC 
ARIB STD-B35/B37/B39, TR-B22, and TR-B23 support
  • In-depth Digital Data Analysis Helps Quickly Resolve Difficult Content Quality and Reliability Issues (Opt. DAT)
  • Standard and User-definable Safe Area Graticules Facilitate Editing and Format Conversion Tasks, Reducing the Need for Reworks
  • Active Format Description (AFD) Detection, Decode, and Automatically  Adjusted Graticule in Picture Display enable Easy Identification of Aspect-ratio Related Issues
  • Superior Physical Layer Signal Measurement

- High-performance real-time eye pattern display, jitter measurements, and patented cable length measurement (Opt. PHY3)

- Most comprehensive eye pattern measurements including eye amplitude, rise/fall time, and overshoot/undershoot measurements as 
well as Tektronix jitter waveform display (Opt. PHY3)
  • Unmatched Usability
- CaptureVu® troubleshooting and equipment setup 32 instrument presets for quick recall of commonly used configurations tailored to  engineers or operators
- Front-panel USB port enables easy transfer of presets, captured video frame data, screenshots, and error log
- Front-panel headphone port enables quick verification of selected audio pair
- Intuitive menu structure and context-sensitive help
- Extensive alarms, status reporting, and error logging
- SNMP and Ethernet remote interface capabilities and GPI control facilitate centralized monitoring and control advanced video frame data capture simplifies
  • Monitoring and Compliance Checking in Content Distribution and Broadcast transmission
  • Quality Control in Content Production and Post-production
  • Equipment/System Qualification and Troubleshooting for Installation and Maintenance of Content Creation and Distribution Facilities
  • Post-production Edit Suite and Color Correction Monitoring *1
Audio Surround Sound Display licensed from Radio Technische Werksütten GmbH and Co. KG (RTW).
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